5 Outstanding Companies that comes with an Insanely Great Marketing

Do you have any idea on what are the outstanding companies out there which have an insanely great marketing? If none, you can read the list below that shows what these outstanding companies are.

5 Outstanding Companies that comes with an Insanely Great Marketing

This is the list of the outstanding companies that comes with an insanely great marketing.


The leading company in this list is the Apple who is known for their modern and innovative technology on gadgets such as smart phones and tablets. Not only that they provide excellent and high – quality products but you should also know that they have one of the best marketing strategies which are the reason why many people choose this brand of gadget. Apple Company also breaks some marketing rules such as not having focus groups which is why they create a huge change in the game.


Second is the Nike Company which is currently dominating the industry of sports apparel and footwear. The reason behind their significant marketing is their distinct logo, inclusive advertising, and more importantly, the set of famous and reputable athletes who promote their sports products. With all of these, this makes the Nike to be set apart from the other shoe businesses that are available out there.


Another one is the Toyota Company which is one of the car companies that overcome the complicated and demanding world of car industry. Some of the many reasons why they are here in the list are the launching of the brand Lexus, outperforming the other leading car companies such as BMW and Mercedes, introducing the word “ergonomics”, and especially making the transactions to become more satisfying and pleasant to their customers. All these reasons have played an important role why the Toyota Company has an insanely great marketing.


The Samsung Company is also making its way to become one of the outstanding companies that comes with an insanely great marketing. This company which is originally based in Korea is gradually making single steps to reach the top place of where Apple is. Even with a huge number of competitors, they still make it to a point that their products are unique and make a difference than these other companies.

Southwest Airlines:

Last, but not definitely the least is the company of Southwest Airlines which created a big change in the industry of airline. The reason is because of their mission on centering their attention to customers, doing the best ways and not what is usually done, adding their works with little fun, providing a flight with short routes, and even turning to be the principal carrier with no – frills. With this, it only shows that they are worthy to be a part in the list.

With all the information written above, you now know the outstanding companies that come with an insanely great marketing. You should know that these are just of them and there are a lot more that you should also discover. If you want to know what these are, you can ask a business and marketing expert to help you.